PJI Files Amicus Brief in Glossip v. Gross

The Promise of Justice Initiative filed an amicus brief in Glossip v. Gross on the broad national consensus against the use of midazolam in lethal injection.   There is a broad national consensus against the use of midazolam as part of a state’s execution protocol.   Only four states have experimented with  the use of midazolam.  The experiment has resulted in a number of botched executions.  The vast majority of jurisdictions have either abolished the death penalty legislatively, suspended its use by moratorium, or in practice stopped making the determination who should live and who should die.  The PJI brief asks the court to take note of this broad consensus, and to ensure that capital punishment, where it is still administered, is done so in a manner that reflects on the dignity both of the state imposing capital punishment and the condemned defendant. 

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