Victory at the United States Supreme Court for Jabari Williams

On June 20th, PJI earned a victory at the U.S. Supreme Court for their client, Jabari Williams, who was wrongfully convicted of second-degree murder in New Orleans in 2012 following a trial marred with error.

In reversing the decisions below, the Supreme Court took particular concern with the Louisiana courts' treatment of Mr. Williams's claim that the Orleans Parish District Attorney had discriminated on the basis of race in selecting the jury, sending a strong reminder that "a Louisiana court, like any other state or federal court, is bound by this Court's interpretation of federal law."

Unfortunately, Mr. WIlliams' case is just the latest instance--following their recent decisions in Smith v. Cain and Wearry v. Cain--in which the U.S. Supreme Court has been forced to intervene to remedy Louisiana courts' indifference to indigent persons' rights. But the Court's decision on Monday is nevertheless an important victory for Mr. Williams and criminal defendants everywhere, who should never stand trial before a jury selected in a racially discriminatory manner.

Congratulations to Mr. Williams!