User Editing Instructions

Welcome to the 'back-end' of the site.  Here you can accomplish a number of things:

  • Changing your user password
  • Editing existing articles
  • Creating NEW articles for the site
  • Deactivating articles or setting publishing options such as 'start date' & 'stop date'

The User Interface is fairly simple. To change your password: simply click on 'Your Profile' at the left, then use the 'Edit Profile' button on the upper-right of the screen. When changes are complete click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.

Editing articles may be done by navigating to the page of the article on the site you wish to change. In the upper right-hand corner of the article will be a graphic of a 'gear' - click it to pull down to the 'edit' option. This will open the editing screen for you.  Make your changes in the WYSYWYG editor, then click 'Save' to finish your edit.  Changes will go live immediately.  If you don't see them please remember to refresh your browser. Also, keep in mind this system does NOT have versioning, so if you change an article and save it, you can't go back to a previous 'version'. You don't need to apply any formatting in most situations, with the exception of bold/italic and perhaps bullets or numbers. You can use the alignment icons to set [left/center/right]

A note on copy/pasting from Microsoft Word - It's best to compose your new articles ahead of time but to AVOID FORMATTING ISSUES please copy/paste your whole article into a plain-text editor like Notepad or Simpletext THEN copy/paste that stripped-down text into the editing window. MS Word generates a lot of formatting that is hidden from you, and will be carried over into the system here whether you see it or not.

Creating NEW articles may be done by clicking on 'Submit an Article' to the left.  Usually for PJI you will be putting these new articles into the 'Latest News' category. Remember to ASSIGN A CATEGORY to the article, as well as give it a TITLE. All other choices can be left to the system to automatically fill in. The editor works like many online editing windows, if you have a question about what a button does, just mouse-over and wait for the explanation to pop-up.

Again, if you have any questions or run into problems with any of the above, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at


This site uses encryption for transmitting your passwords.